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Is Your Picture Here?

If it isn't, take a picture with the band
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and we'll put it on this page!
This page is dedicated to the memory of our good friend Allan.
Our DJ partner Jerry De Meo
Leon with his friend George Clinton from
Parliament Funkadelic
Al "Big Kahuna" and Dee
Filomena and Tommy,
from Diamonds
Rosalie at The Surf Club
Our friend Artie, (right) with
Denny Lane from Wings
Leon in AC with James Brown
Eddie (2nd from left) with The Drifters in AC
Leon and Mia at The Surf Club
An Elvis sighting
Kristie at The Surf Club
Partying with The Waterfront Duo
at Maxwell's in Hoboken
Ray and the Missus with Beth at The Surf Club
Joe Pags at The Surf Club Bar
Leon joins the dancers at The Surf Club
Leon and Glenn share a laugh
Another happy bride (contrary to popular
belief, this is not Leon's wedding picture)
A song from Missy
"Toolman" John below and Gordy -->
Kathy, Chickie, Joe & John
Dennis & Co.
Chris, pride of the Toms River HoJo
Leon with Musicians Mike Ivy and Eddie Ellis