Leon was born and raised in Asbury Park, NJ, where he still lives today in a luxury high rise overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
A Graduate of Asbury Park High School, Leon has a Daughter who has a succesful business career in Boston.
After traveling all over the world as a military policeman with the US Air Force, Leon decided to follow in the footsteps of his
life-long hero, James Brown, and pursue a life of music by using his incredible voice to sing in front of a kick-ass funky horn band.
In the 70's, after several years singing with an R&B vocal group known as The Broadways,
he put together an 8 piece band and named it WATERFRONT.
Waterfront featured a solid, driving rhythm section and a tight, flashy horn section and covered such great music as that of
Earth, Wind & fire, Rick James, Parliament Funkadelic, The Gap Band, Ohio Players and many more of the artists that
dominated the R&B music scene in the 70's and 80's. Waterfront was famous for their shows which were fully costumed and
choreographed and presented with a tight, professional flare. Leon has long been known for his passion for stage clothes.
His wardrobe has included some of the classiest, fashionable and flashy outfits to ever hit a stage over the years.
He continues that tradition to this day.
One day, Leon got the chance to meet James Brown in Atlantic City. The two became instant friends and before
he passed on, JB made a point to have lunch with Leon whenever he performed in AC.

Leon Trent, for 25 years, lead vocalist for the 8 piece Waterfront band, veterans of the Headliner, the Playpen. the Surf Club and
Atlantic City's Harrah's and the Sands, brings his soulful stylings to the duo, giving incredibly visual interpretations of
James Brown, Al Green, Ray Charles, Barry White, and the Temptations,
as well as Frank Sinatra,Bobby Darin, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and more.   
With the rhythmic drive of his latin percussion, his soulful dance moves, and his vibrant personality,
he turns a song into a show and quickly becomes the audience's onstage friend.


Eddie was born in Passaic, NJ, lived most of his life in Fair Lawn, NJ before becoming a resident of Elmwood Park, NJ.
His first marriage was in 1966 and ended 10 years later after having a son Named Corey. Corey is 40 now and owns a
gaming store in Fresno, CA where he has a family of his own.
After 2 years in the US Army, living in Europe the whole time, Eddie returned to the USA and remarried.
This lasted almost 20 years with him fathering 2 more sons, Anthony & Matthew, now 18 & 16.
After playing trumpet, trombone, french horn and baritone horn in his high school band and orchestra and
the US Army Band at Fort Bragg, NC, Eddie played with many bands through the years as a trombonist, trumpet player,
bass player and vocalist, touring the US and Canada with notables such as Chubby Checker,
Jimmy Jones, Tiny Tim, and the world famous Richard Nader oldies shows.
From lounge bands to heavy metal to disco and classic rock he honed his skills as a musician.
After 10 years with The Big Edsel Band, a successful Philadelphia oldies band, he switched to keyboards
and started making his own backup music tracks. He went out as a single, playing small clubs and restaurants
and that's when he ran into Leon and they decided to try to work together as a duo. The chemistry was there
and the magic happened and they became The Waterfront Duo.

Eddie is a graduate of William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, where he majored in Environmental Biology
and minored in Music. Nowadays, Eddie Lives in Philadelphia, PA with his life-mate Beth.
They have a 5 year old son, Daniel. He enjoys a life of tending to his house and his landscape and
sequencing tracks in his basement studio.
A staunch NY Giants/NY Yankees fan,he tolerates his Eagles/Phillies fan friends and enjoys the neighborly rivalry.
Eddie is responsible for all the music that provides accompaniment to Leon as well as himself when they sing.
Eddie's vocal repertoire includes Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet,
The Beatles and the Stones, as well as the Beach Boys.
A little peek into the lives of Leon & Eddie
Together they are The Waterfront Duo
....and for 20+ years they've been standing
side by side on the stage